What Makes Us Special

Licolize Communications stands out as a translation agency in giving influences your customers through an excellent captivating language structure. Easily adapting to every eagerness ordered, delivering services on time and with high-quality results. It is not only about having great quality services but also how we will make your brand more appealing to your trusted and potential customers, by conducting elaborate observation and localization. This is where we come in!

Translation & localization

We cover any subject, whether education, finance, IT, science, or marketing. We adapt all of the text linguistically, culturally, socially, and technologically to comply with the culture of your target market. We also provide high-quality results by doing rigorous quality control. We strongly focus on delivering high-quality products and services.


Ensure the quality of your translated content with our review service. Your text will be reviewed by a certified translator who will check your translation for accuracy, consistency, style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We'll provide feedback and improve your text. Our team is dedicated to providing the best translation services suitable for the target market.


We provide editing services for more impressive translations. Our experienced editors revise translations. We will deliver the result without grammatical or spelling errors, and the text is stylistically correct, easy to read, and tailored to the target audience. The best part? Our editors are professional and have years of experience in translation.


Improve your translations with our proofreading services. Our proofreader will correct errors in your text and improve your writing. We ensure that there are no inconsistencies in your translation, even if the grammar is ideal, so you can read the entire document without confusion. The best quality is what we can offer.


We serve dynamic English and Indonesian subtitle services with an optimized process. Our professional subtitling experts and quality analysts are native Indonesian speakers and are highly trained and experienced in English. We ensure your subtitles sound right and tell the right story to your audience.


We provide a 99% accurate transcription of your content, whether it's a meeting, conference, podcast, or lecture. We choose a well-trained transcriptionist with the most experience to give you high-quality transcription. We also do a thorough review process to track our transcriptionist's performance.

Voice Over

Connect with your audience by finding well-trained voice actors who fit the role of your content here. We can cover everything from advertisements, tutorials, news, and documentation. We ensure that your communication will be more flawless than ever. If you need help with a project or need to get started on your own, contact us today!


Reach your goal by translating and adapting your messages to your target market. We will make your product stand out with the right tone and style. Our transcreation team, which consists of exceptional linguists, ensures that your product identity will be communicated consistently and creatively in the target language.


We are Different

We involve expert translators and reviewers who have proven reliable in their fields. We also utilize a variety of trusted CAT tool technology in the translation process to provide all the services needed by clients. We always strive to present the best results with all guaranteed competencies. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with the best possible service at affordable prices. Our team of professionals has deep knowledge of the industry, ensuring that your project is delivered perfectly. We offer high-quality services for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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Yes, it does. Our company is still online and available for any projects to be handled on the weekend. However, we are not available to handle projects during the Indonesian National Holidays. Yet, you can still request a quote during our holiday. We would love to keep in touch with you to answer your queries.

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