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Licolize Communications has been in the translation industry for years. Led by a professional certified translator and assisted by reliable internal and external teams. We can quickly adapt to the client’s needs and requirements. We provide a perfect translation by doing several production processes.

Keeping People Connected All Over the World

Language plays such a prominent role, the key to successful communication, especially in business. In Business-life, people are demanded to be able to interact with others all over the world through different languages and cultures, by avoiding this, the whole process in business comes to a standstill. Therefore, we stand to help people for businesses in having good communication with their customers and employees, staying in touch, and keeping them updated with the latest happenings in their industry.

our team

Muhammad Afif Musthofa

Director & Project Manager

Fitria Nurul Muthoharoh

Deputy Director & Administration

Muhammad Fikri Zarkasih

In-House Translator

Muhammad Ibnu Rizal Romli

In-House Translator

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